The Coton de Tulear, pronounced “coe-TAWN day TULE-eer”, means cotton of Tulear. The Coton is a rare ancient breed that originated in Madagascar more than 3 centuries ago. The Coton stands between 9.5 and 13 inches tall at the shoulders and is a little more than 2 feet long, weighing less than 18 pounds. They have dark eyes, black lips and a medium length muzzle tipped with a black nose.
The Coton acquired its name from its unique cotton-like hair. (This dog actually has hair not fur). The hair is about 4 to 6 inches long, although puppy cuts are commonly seen on non-show Cotons. It’s dry, wind tossed hair is easy to care for, dries relatively fast when wet and doesn’t smell. Cotons shed very little and are wonderful for people with allergies.
Cotons are hearty dogs and are able to frolic in the heat or winter snow, however they are indoor dogs. Cotons live an average of 16 years although some have lived to be 19. They are extremely healthy and long-lived dogs. The Coton is a companion dog and is often compared to a “little clown”. Cotons are highly intelligent and study the human family with great care. They are alert, lively and slow to anger. They are calm, sturdy dogs who enjoy the rough housing of children. Cotons enjoy other pets and are easily trained.

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